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About Nicholas

State Representative - District 86

Elected to the House in a special election in 2018, Nicholas Muscarello has been a conservative voice on the House Committees regarding the state’s judiciary laws and legal procedures.

As a full time attorney and small business owner, Nicholas has been able to bring real-world experience to the Civil Law and Procedure, Administration of Criminal Justice and Judiciary Committees. His knowledge of the law has earned Nicholas a reputation in the legal community as being a Representative that supports conservative legislation in the creation and revision of current laws and procedures.

Nicholas is also a small business owner which allows him to fight for small and large businesses on the House floor. He has constantly sided with business organizations to oppose taxes and regulations that are a burden to the Louisiana business community and hinder business growth in the State of Louisiana.

He is active member of the Northshore Delegation the Louisiana Republican Legislative Delegation and Nicholas works tirelessly to represent the families and businesses in southeast Louisiana.

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