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About Joe

State Representative - District 54

Dr. Joseph Orgeron was born on the bayous of south Louisiana to a family deeply rooted in the oil and gas business. After graduating high school during the 1980’s oil-downturn, he opted to get an education in something OTHER than the family business. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Nicholls State and his doctorate degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.


Joseph’s business career began as a commodity scientist for M&M/Mars, where he ran models to predict crop forecasts and currency pairs. In 2001, he moved back home to enter his family-owned vessel business. His primary focus was on expanding their liftboat fleet outside of the normal offshore oil and gas industry. He successfully leveraged his business acumen and education to expand into offshore construction, scientific coring, and offshore wind farms.


Considering his educational and professional background, Joseph is an “all of the above” energy advocate. Besides expanding Louisiana’s energy industry, he is using his experiences and conservative principles to shape coastal restoration policy, enhance offshore fishing, and implement fiscal constraints so that Louisiana has the available funds to build a better future without constantly asking taxpayers for more money.

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